Gathering March 2021
Rite of the Womb; Cleaning and Healing the Womb

Michelle Coeverden

Founder of Mahara Holistic lifestyle 

To discover life and its mystery has always been my passion and driving force to dive deeper than my own limitations. 

Since the age of 14, I received different initiations and traveled around the world to study more about different cultures, the nature around the earth and within me. I always followed the path of the mystic and study all around. 
I saw in my vision that Amsterdam needed a temple again for all of us to come home to. 
In this Beautiful city I started Mahara Holistic lifestyle. Mahara became a heartfelt place within the city, a green oasis where people come together and truly meet. A warm nest, a home where everyone is welcome as one big family.

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Gathering April 2021
Rite of the Womb; Trauma Healing

Solange Beaumont

Her journey started when she was 16 after her dad’s passing. She started going to therapy. Which was a big turning point in her life; it was a process of deep healing. She started to understand and feel the emotional and energetic layer of patterns.

Healing the precious child within her, healing ancestral trauma which she was carrying within her cells, healing womb-trauma and past-life trauma made it all possible for her to release & free herself from these unresolved traumas.

Her passion is supporting & guiding others in healing their unhealed traumas & painful experiences of the past. She loves to create a safe space for you where you can feel safe & supported in healing your unhealed pain from the past, peeling off all the layers & blockages that created a disconnection with your heart, emotions, body & energy. Her work includes healing past-life trauma, ancestral trauma, womb & birth trauma, & inner-child trauma.

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Gathering May 2021
Rite of the Womb; Yoni Healing

Rachel Poot

She has been studying ancient wisdom teachings, yoga, qigong, meditation, and taoism, for the last two decades of her life. She is certified in many fields to help find your power, to heal and transform.

She believes that you have to walk through vulnerability to get to courage, therefore . . . embrace the shit in your life. She tries to be grateful every day and her motto right now is “courage over comfort.”

She hold women’s circle groups, in which she support’s and empower women to find themselves. She offers women womb wisdom and specialize in working with the female pelvis.

The work she offer is practical, grounded and informative, it is knowledge based, yet highly intuitive. She sees working with the body, as a gateway to connect with immense untapped resources for personal growth.

Her unique approach offers powerful tools, in which deep healing and change naturally unfolds in the women that she works with.

She creates a safe space for you to get in touch with your body, emotions, sexuality and vulnerability, and the blocks that impede its fullest expression. She will provide for you an opportunity to experience yourself in a new way, being able to let go of patterns of shame, fear, anger, grief or guilt.

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