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It takes a village to raise a child

With the children present we are completing the cycle from Elder to Youngling. This Ancient Work we do during the festival, is for the next 7 generations to come and they will be next in line. 

As our children are an integral part of our communities, it only makes sense to have them present. Teaching them communal living and sharing the experience of Ceremonial work, Ancestor connection and Ancient Wisdom.

We have space for 25 children this year. So if you would like to bring your child. Please read the guidelines below and book a child ticket through eventbrite.



We have place for 25 children this year. 

Boys & girls are welcome until the age of 10 years; older girls are welcome, they will be integrated in the main program.

The children will have their own "camp" run by Kiki Meyer (see below).

Kiki carefully selects a team of conscious co-creators for the children's team. 

The children will have their own program and there will also be times when we welcome them into the 'main program'.

A child ticket is 125 euro and includes, lodge, food & children's program.

Kiki's Kids Team

The team will be run by co-creators and lead by Kiki Meyer

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-04 at 10.21.34 AM

Kiki Meyer

As a conscious mother and natural healer, Kiki has a beautiful holistic approach to children and the way she runs her team. We feel so blessed to have her with us this year.

Kiki is a woman, mother, daughter, friend, and sister of the earth and all living beings.

She is a shamanic birth and end life doula, birth story collector and listener, Integral Pelvic Therapy practitioner, idealist, path leader, nature lover, artist, visionary with a mission and a deep lover of being in presence what is

Kiki has a very grounded, fierce yet gentle presence and knows very well how to hold space and share it at the same time.

Children: Teamleden
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