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Book the Retreat & Festival Together!

Immerse yourself completely and enjoy a special price

Did you know we are hosting a retreat from 20 to 22 March 2020?
You will be able to dive very deep into yourself in a small and intimate setting.


The Story

Women need roots. We are deep, divine beings, who intuitively know where we come from.

As many Root Traditions from our Ancient Femine History have been distorted in Europe. We call in Elders from around the globe, to help us remember who we truly are.

Going back into our own roots on our sacred lands.

Ancient Women Festival is a three day immersion in Ancient Traditions from around the globe for and by women. These preserved traditions shared by the Elders lead us to our roots to tap into our divine connection. 

Elders are influential members of a tribe or community and are the treasures of cultural and philosophical knowledge. These women have earned the respect of their own community and are acknowledged as Elders in their own society. They have each shown great leadership for their tribes and communities, walk their talk and have years of wisdom to share. This year, we welcome three elders. They come to us from South America, Polynesia, and Scandinavia. Their teachings are brought to you as the centerpiece of the Festival; their ceremonies and prayers will be the root of the festival, which will bridge the different worlds and traditions.

And there is more… The program is packed with workshops and ceremonies by amazing women from our own community. There will be a mix of women from all walks of life and all ages. They will share their knowledge and wisdom in workshops, tapping into their own teachings they have collected from around the globe. 

You can expect a wide range of topics from sacred sexuality, divine creativity, music, ancestor rituals and more.

This Festival aims to inspire you to activate your own leadership and enhance clarity towards true purpose and direction to live up to your fullest potential, whatever that means to you.

If you feel drawn to step into personal leadership for yourself, your family or community, then we want to support you to stand up and take a stand! Women are the backbones of our families and therefore society. We need you to take back your power and inner authority to find true leadership, through confidence, focus and grace. First for yourself, then for your inner circle and if you feel called and dare, for our community and society.

Ancient Women Festival offers a safe circle, where you can find your place. A circle where we can stand side by side as a sacred sisterhood.  A place where you can discover who you truly are in a playful, yet grounded way, based on your unique blueprint. 

This festival is for all women who seek self exploration and self empowerment. We all need space to explore our unique blueprint and find our edges to know who we truly are. This circle is a sanctuary that offers that space. It will allow you to explore strengths, weaknesses and find ways to allow all your desires and personal growth to flourish. We encourage you to break family patterns and the cultural expectations that may have been put upon you through no fault of your own. 

The ceremonies of the Elders, will be the main centrepiece of this festival. During the three days, there will also be a beautiful workshop program that will be hosted by the sisters of our own community. 

And this will all be to inspire you, to activate your own leadership and enhance your clarity towards true purpose and direction.

Keep an eye on the program, the Elders and other inspirational information. We will be releasing more info in the upcoming weeks! Don’t wait too long to get your tickets as we are keeping the festival small this year. So make sure you secure your ticket to this divine rooted connection.

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