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  • Will a recording of this event be made available?
    We will record all of the events but due to the sharings of very delicate and private situations, we cannot share it, but are definitely looking into options for the future. For now, we will create a short summary that we will share with the ones that registered in PDF format
  • I didn’t receive an email with the Zoom link – help!
    We will send an email with the link the day we will go live a few hours before the event. Please check you spam folder or add us to safe senders. We do this manually please be patient with us.
  • The Zoom link is not working - help!
    Streaming tips: Refresh the link. Close any applications that may be using up bandwidth in the background. Test your internet connection speed for free at Watch the event via a different web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. Reboot your computer or modem and try again. If the event still isn't working for you, try and feel if maybe this isn’t for you at this time otherwise we encourage you to dial in by phone.
  • What time zone do you broadcast in?
    All of our gatherings are from the Netherlands, which is Central eastern time. (CET) Here is a time zone converter for your convenience:
  • I am interested in sharing my wisdom as a speaker how can I participate.?
    We have a special form, which you can find here, fill it in and we will reach out to you and see if we could be a match.
  • I saw a gathering once with a fabulous speaker, where can I find them?"
    We have a separate page where all our speakers will be portrayed so you can find them on our speakers page
  • How many gatherings do you have?
    We are aiming for an online gathering monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 20:00 – 21:30 CET. Due to the pandemic we will not be holding gatherings offline for now but as soon as we are allowed we will look in to this. So please keep an eye on our events page.
  • Do you also offer courses or workshops?
    At this time no, but we are definitely looking in to options of what we can offer in the future.
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