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The Story Behind the Image

The illustration for the Ancient Women Festival, created by Hazel Evans, celebrates women from different eras, customs and continents around the world. It brings together iconic and everyday photographs, paintings, and sculptures that I have woven together by pen to depict a gathering of many timelines through life, illustrating the importance of our heritage and ancestors, as well as who we are today. 

Symbols include birds for freedom and voice, roses for beauty, plants for growth and our intrinsic connection to nature, serpent tribal belt for our weaving path through life, the moon for our cycle as women, and the spiral for our wombs, power of creation and connection to the Universe.

My intention is that you may resonate with these symbols and messages as a portal to celebrate your higher-self connection and the collective of women, gathering and uniting in sisterhood. 

Ancient Women Artwork 2.jpg
Hazel Illustration Sept 2019

Hazel Evans' Story


Artistic Director | Inspirational Speaker | Singer | Storyteller

Sacred Women’s Wisdom Facilitator & Ceremonialist

My creative expression comes from deep within me. It flows from source, through the inner and outer landscapes of my mind, body and soul. My encounters and experiences, dreams and distresses, joys and journeys provide inspiration for me to embody my story and express my deepest self.

Yet the art I create is so much bigger than my own experience. When we connect into the innate source of inspiration and feel pulled into action by a vision or a feeling, we tune into the universe. The vastness of creation, the ecstatic delight of cosmic play, the sense of being one pulsing filament in a web of infinite creation, expression and interpretation. Here I am alive.

Artist, viewer, writer, reader… all of us are divine creators of our own experience. My deepest desire is for the expression I share here to spark inspiration in you...

Hazel has the following degrees:

MA Illustration - Arts University Bournemouth UK 

BA hons Contemporary Art - Nottingham Trent University

If you want to know more about Hazel or if you would like your own custom art piece visit her website:

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