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The Elders

Elders are influential members of a tribe or community and are the treasures of cultural and philosophical knowledge. These women have earned the respect of their own community and who are looked upon as Elders in their own society. They have each shown great leadership for their tribes and communities, walk their talk and have years of wisdom to share. This year, we welcome three elders. They come to us from South America, Polynesia, and European heritage. Their teachings are brought to you as the centrepiece of the Festival; their ceremonies and prayers will be the root of the festival, which will bridge the different worlds and traditions.

Let us introduce our wonderful Elders!

Aunt  Ivy


Aunty Ivy’s mission is to share her universal teachings of “One Language”. To Rebirth Peace. & Harmony . 

She honours her cultural practices of her homeland, Aotearoa (New Zealand) as well as drawing on her diverse lineages of Polynesian, Asian and European bloodlines. As a multicultural ambassador she embodies truth and integrity as a healer, mentor and teacher. She has role model’s leadership through her lifetime walk rooted in respectful advocacy for humanity and nature.

As a frontline youth and family trauma specialist  she has changed and saved many life’s from all ages, cultures  of life. She is skilled in discerning all human behaviours such as suicide, mental health, substance use disorders and spiritual Un-wellness. Her knowledge of trauma management as well as conflict and crisis resolution on all levels has fueled her determination to rebuild the future with a new leadership model. With a background in both certified with a Bachelor Degree in Social Services , as well as being an Initiated Trained Cultural Ambassador trainer from birth, Aunty Ivy bridges the best of two worlds. Her vision is lead by the people, for the people and back to the people.

She has recently completed a three year Universal Global Walk through which she exchanged knowledge with Indigenous elders, first nations communities, government conferences, global summits, and frontline global activists. She brings solace through her moving truth telling and deep listening as an advocate of her urgent call to protect sacred knowledge and lands. Spiritually guided on her walk, she travelled from Aotearoa (NZ) to Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Asia and Polynesia observing the struggles of the peoples, planting prayers, leading ceremonies, holding retreats and healings as well as participating in numerous conferences and documentaries. 

Guided by spiritual elders embodying the strongest vibration of giving with compassion and integrity her mission furthers her teachings and education of a new model of leadership. She invites all who want to be involved as part of the solution to rebuild the revolution for the sake of our children’s children’s children future to join her.

Through educating peoples about our ancestors, each other, the earth elements and spirit, she strengthens one’s connection to the earth.

Her sacred markings on her face belong to the peoples with a message to look after all that give us life and to respect the teachings from our ancestors and elders by walking in integrity and in good faith.

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Roxana Campos Araya - Nur Jaham

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Roxana has walked many paths and therefore a deep knowledge of many walks of life. She is an actress, Activist of peace and of Circles of Women, Grandmother Dances of the Moon (9 years), Sahumadora, Carrier and Guardian of the fire, initiated in several lineages, Teacher of Ovarian Breath, Doula, Co-founder of the Matriztico Circle in Chile, Moon mother, Leader and Mentor in training of Dances of Universal Peace.

Her Way of Healing

The day I realized that I repeated the patterns learned in my earliest childhood and suffered for it, the long pilgrimage of returning home began. Trips, therapies, studies, shamans, medical doctors, doctors of the soul, retreats, sesshines, diets, master plants, silence. All in pursuit of being able to look at myself in the mirror and see all my darkness, my wounds, heal them and hug them. And so sweetly go back to the roots. Recovering the lost memory... to find the goddess, the sacred woman that I am, the priestess, the healer...

Today I try to show that strength, that courage and give it to all the women and men that I have the pleasure of finding along the way, thus awakening their most sleeping knowledge, reaching the wonderful understanding that finally... everything is perfect... that everything is the work of God-Goddess, that our whole journey makes us what we are today.

History As An Actress

My walk on the path of the theater is tinged with the socio-cultural conditions that permeated all reality at that time. I studied theater at the University of Chile in full military dictatorship, which was challenging and very strenuous. The fear, the arrests, the disappearances, were daily bread, so, my first street play with my dear Andrés Pérez Araya ended with the entire company in prison in full December 24, 1979.

Somehow choosing art and theater in that context was in itself a rebellion and an inspiration to fight, move forward and move on.Working with Andrés Pérez and touring the world with him and all the friends of the Grand Circus Theater, was undoubtedly a limit and transcendental experience, as the way I like them to be. We were Sudanese artists, children of the dictatorship, doing good theater and receiving excellent reviews, certainly a time that I treasure for everything he gave me and taught for what would come.

I have great and wonderful memories of my passage through what I call "the glory season of teleseries in Chile". It was an amazing time in which we toured the country as if we were a great theater company traveling through its diverse cultures. La Fiera, Iorana, Romané, Pampa Illusion, The Circus of the Montini, La Doña, were, among others, the productions in which I participated in those years.

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The Elders: About

Yet to be announced


We are opening our wombs to call in the 3rd elder for this gathering.

We are calling in an elder preferable from the European lands, like the UK, Scandinavia or Eastern Europe.

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