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Ancient Women Gatherings

We gather and share ancient women wisdom in On & Offline Gathering

We do this by: 1. Embodiment - 2. Awakening - 3. Reviving


We are carriers of the ancient wisdom and we are connected to the sacred source of all creation. Our bodies are a sacred temple and this is the base of our practice. Through embodying our own bodies and seeing them as a temple again, we are able to awaken the ancient wisdom through embodiment, using our temples as the main tool to retrieve sacred knowledge from our ancestors. 

From here we revive this wisdom and put it back into actions, through stories, dance, songs, rituals and words. Passing on and sharing this knowledge to our global sisterhood and the next generations to come.

Our goal is to reconnect and heal our ancestral ways and pass them on, so we can live an aligned life with nature, our history and the lost knowledge that is still present in our DNA. By honoring the past, we can live even more in the present. By understanding where we come from, we can experience more wholeness. We strive to reconnect this lineage and reshape it to heal our global sisterhood.

Through Ancient Women we gather and share this ancient wisdom through On & Offline Gatherings. We do this through meeting in monthly circles, every third Thursday of the month, with guest speakers and a variety of topics.

We also host Offline gatherings, day retreats and multiple day retreats. To stay updated you can sign up for the newsletter.

Ancient Women is an initiatief from Jennifer Ann, who is deeply connected to Ancestral and indigenous ways. In this search and longing to understand ancestral ways, she quickly was introduced to women's circles and the importance of sharing the true nature of being a woman, with other women.

She started hosting small circles and retreats, under the name Sisterhood Rising which, over a course of 5 years has transformed into Ancient Women Gatherings, which is now functioning in a small team of 4. 

Her mission is to keep this work in service of the Divine Goddess and all the sisters who feel connected to this calling. 

We are always looking at the greater whole and continual growth for future generations.

Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to continue the walk the path together.

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